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Frequently asked questions:

Is the product difficult to apply?

No! This product is designed for straight forward and easy application. Make you can reach the entire windscreen to guarantee a smooth application.

How long does it take to apply?

Approximately 40 minutes; 10 minutes to apply the product and 30 minutes to cure then buff.

Why does the coating have to be applied quickly?

The product is based in alcohol and is designed to evaporate upon application so the product can adhere to your windscreen. A cooler working environment gives you a more time to apply i.e in the garage or in the shade!

When is the best time to apply?

As soon as you receive the product! Do not store in the car glovebox or in direct sunlight.

I've followed the instructions but the windscreen looks marked

Please wipe down the inside of your windscreen as dust accumulates there.

Why does Glass Shield recommend recoating once per year?

Liquid Glass is a permanent coating however a vehicles rubber windscreen wiper inflicts a constant friction on the windscreen. Replenishing the coating annually maintains the hydrophobic effect. Be winter ready, and re-coat before the rain arrives!

Can it be used on visors?

Liquid Glass has the strongest bond on windscreens, and it can also work on helmet visors and bike windshields.

Can I apply this product to any surface?

No. Do not allow the product to come in contact with painted surfaces, non clear surfaces treated with anti-reflective, scratch resistant, or any other coating. Contact us for queries regarding other surfaces. Please discard your used sachet cloth. DO NOT LEAVE ON THE PAINTED SURFACE OF THE CAR whilst applying this product.

DIY Kit tips:

• Use distilled water to keep the surface clean and let the rain do the rest.
• Fill the water reservoir with distilled water.
• The coloured cloth is used to buff off the surface preparation cleaner
• The white, lint-free microfiber cloth is used for buffing the coated surface.
• When your car is in the rain, the screen will be rinsed clean made easy with your liquid glass coating.